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Today is International Women’s Day, so pick up one of these books!


Here are two of MANY great options for you!

In Order to Live: A North Koren Girl’s Journey to Freedom by Yeonmi Park is the gripping, harrowing tale of a young woman’s inhumane existence in North Korea and her abuse as a refugee in China. Park eventually finds freedom in South Korea and is now a human rights activist.

“In North Korea, even arithmetic is a propaganda tool. A typical problem would go like this: ‘If you kill one American bastard and your comrade kills two, how many dead American bastards do you have?'”

Watch her speech at the “One Young World“2014 Summit in Dublin, Ireland here.


Women Photographers: from Julia Margaret Cameron to Cindy Sherman by Boris Friedewald is a collection of the stories of 55 groundbreaking female photographers: their lives, their style, and their pictures. The collection portrays the diversity in not only the photographers, but also in their subjects, their view through the lens, and their craft.

“All these are the viewpoints of women for whom the term ‘woman photographer’ is often not precise enough. For highly individual reasons. Zanele Muholi, for example, sees herself as a visual artist. Claude Cahun saw herself as being beyond femininity, masculinity, or androgyny.”

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