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December 21, 2016

Natalie Wahl, Instruction Librarian

natOur very own Natalie Wahl has stepped into the role of Instruction Librarian!

Natalie Wahl has an A.A. in Liberal Arts from San Bernardino Community College, a B.A. in Anthropology from Cal State San Bernardino, and an MLIS from San Jose State University. Natalie was the Circulation Manager at the Leeward CC Library since July 2012, and has served as the APT Group and Sustainability Committee Facilitator, Finals Countdown Chair, a member of the Discovery Fair Committee and Team CARE, and was one of the first cohorts of the Leadership Excellence Program. Natalie has also been a volunteer for Special Olympics Hawai’i since 2014.

Natalie, what do you hope to accomplish in this position?

As Instruction Librarian, I hope to continue the hard work of my predecessors to grow our Information Literacy Program to include new departments and divisions, create tools to help patrons develop strong online reasoning skills, and to promote the library’s role in shaping a more sustainable campus and patron community through tools, resources, and workshops.

We are excited to see what accomplishments Natalie will continue to make. Natalie can be reached at 455-0673 or at

December 14, 2016
by Wayde Oshiro

Online Course Reserves Project

Cover for "Blue revolution: unmaking America's water crisisIn Fall 2016 the library initiated a new resource acquisition model with the purchase of selected course readings in electronic format and making them available to students at no cost. This new library initiative is in support of the UHCC strategic goal to implement OER to replace most textbooks by 2021.

The project started by identifying the books students were required to purchase for their classes. The process involved scanning the bookstore’s Fall 2016 Textbook List and selecting the non-textbook course readings.

  • Why did we ignore traditional textbooks? Libraries cannot purchase textbooks as e-books with campus-wide electronic access or share the access codes.

The 80 non-textbook titles were then searched for by library staff in our Voyager library catalog. We discovered 6 titles which were already available electronically in one of our existing e-book collections. We informed faculty of the immediate availability of these titles.

The next step was to check our e-book vendors to identify titles we could purchase. At the same time, we started a new e-book service called Overdrive partly in support of this project. We identified 18 titles that we could purchase as e-books. The majority of the publishers did not provide an option for unlimited user access (our ideal) so we were left to purchase individual copies of each title. In the end, we purchased a total of 18 titles (or 53 copies) for $1,685.

  • But the title is available in the Kindle store. Why can’t the library just purchase a copy? Yes, titles may be available in one of several e-book stores for individual purchase but it wouldn’t work for the library. Individual purchases are tied to a single user account and access cannot be shared. We must purchase e-books which can be made available to all authenticated Leeward users. Overdrive is our e-book platform that supports both the Kindle format and UH user authentication.  However, Overdrive focuses on non-academic titles so we cannot rely on it exclusively.

As you can see, this was not a straightforward process nor is every single title available as an e-book. Even the titles we could purchase limited access to 3-5 concurrent users or had a one copy/one user restriction. These are publisher imposed limits. The Online Course Reserves project is only a partial solution to the problem of student access to course materials.

We plan to continue this project into the new year.  If you would like the library to purchase an e-book to support your course, please submit your request using the online Course Reserves Purchase Request Form.  If the e-book is available, we will purchase up to 5 copies and let you know when they are available to your students.

To order print titles use our Book/ Periodical/ AV Purchase Request Form.

December 14, 2016
by Eileen Sakamoto

New Mini Free Library

15542414_1225916044141742_21230243205973976_nCome and check out the Leeward CC Library’s Mini Free Library!  You can take a book and/or return a book to help spread the joy of reading. Our Mini Free Library is located near the front entrance of the library on the circulation counter. Book donations are welcome.

Our inspiration for this service was the popular Little Free Library. More information about this organization can be found here.

December 6, 2016

New Best Sellers

Behind Closed Doors: a Novel by B.A. Paris (Voyager)
Commonwealth: a Novel by Ann Patchett (Voyager)
Here I Am: a Novel by Jonathan Safran Foer (Voyager)
How to Talk to Girls at Parties by Neil Gaiman, Fabio Moon, and Gabriel Ba (Voyager)
Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living by Shauna Niequist (Voyager)

December 5, 2016
by Wayde Oshiro

Our Experiences @ the 2016 HLA Conference

2016 Hawaii Library Association conference logoThe 2016 Hawaii Library Association Conference on the Big Island was a opportunity for Leeward’s librarians to hear from a nationally-recognized expert in the library community, share best practices, discover new products and services, and network with our colleagues from across the State.  This year, Leeward was again well-represented in the conference schedule with our librarians presenting six sessions.

Are You Open Today? A Simple JavaScript Project Ralph Toyama, Systems Librarian

Ralph: “We wanted the new library website to show the current day’s hours of service, but only if the displayed hours could change automatically on holidays. I shared the solution I came up with because it was a great project for a novice JavaScript programmer to understand, implement, and adapt to other uses.”

Comments from attendees:

“Was great to see code that I can use on my own site – no re-inventing the wheel ! It was also helpful to know that there are variations that can be used to express library hours in several ways.”

“Ralph was very forthcoming and informative about his process and how he constructed the java script. Will try to implement for my own library website!”

Management of Ebooks: Acquisition, Cataloging and AccessJue Wang, Technical Services Librarian

Comments from attendees:

Jue had a very good grasp of the subject matter.”

I learned about the different issues that need to be taken into account when acquiring e-books for the library. The presentation was well-organized and covered the topic in a concise manner.”

I learned about all the cataloging and management concerns with E-books.”

Circulating Seeds: Why Your Library Needs a Seed Share and How to Make it Happen Natalie Wahl, Circulation Services Manager and Daniela Dutra-Elliott, Instructor in Botany and Horticulture

Natalie: “I especially enjoyed co-presenting “Circulating Seeds: Why Your Library Needs a Seed Share and How to Make it Happen” with Dr. Daniela Dutra-Elliott. Many of our attendees were representing public librarianship, which is a population I do not typically have the opportunity to collaborate. They were a wonderful audience, and offered many interesting thoughts and ideas after our presentation.”

Comments from attendees:

“This session reminds me of a friend who caught his fish, photographed, cooked and consumed it, & later painted the fish. Students propagate the seeds, read about, select, design & package them & distribute through the library.” 

“Awesome! Great content, enthusiastic presenters, and even goodies to take home!  Loved it, can’t wait to get a seed library for our branch!”

“They clearly worked well together and are very passionate about the project. I think it’s really inspiring how they are tying in a library program with multiple departments on campus and working towards a no waste facility.”

Changing Faces: The Journey to a New Leeward Community College Library Website – Carina Chernisky, Public Services Specialist, Wayde Oshiro, Head Librarian, and Ralph Toyama, Systems Librarian

Web Team (Carina, Wayde, Ralph):  Mission accomplished!!!

Comments from attendees:

“This session was very informative on their process to a new website which turned out beautiful. The presenters were very engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed this panel.”

“I enjoyed learning about the process that LCC followed. Seeing a real-world example of a site redesign will be very helpful for my own redesign.”

“It was fascinating (if not a little daunting, haha) to learn the whole process by which LCC went about redesigning their website, and how much time and effort went into the whole process. It is a good eye opener for anyone who thinks that web design (or any type of project) should be easy and straightforward; there is often a lot more to do and a lot more potential challenges and obstacles than one might expect.”

Nā Hawaiʻi ʻImi Loa: Navigating Hawaiian Librarianship – Keahiahi Long, Librarian-Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Shavonn Matsuda-Librarian, University of Hawaiʻi Maui College, Keikilani Meyer, Librarian-Chaminade University of Honolulu, Annemarie Paikai-former Librarian, Hawaii State Public Library System & NEW Hawaiian Pacific Resource Librarian-Leeward Community College), and Kapena Shim, Hawaii Specialist Librarian, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Annemarie: “It was exciting to co-present at HLA about Nā Hawaiʻi ʻImi Loa.  Overall we had great feedback and I personally feel more motivated than ever to continue the work we have started with this organization, especially now that I am representing Leeward as well.” 

Comments from attendees:

“I appreciated the discussion of how the group debated issues as they were developing their bylaws and operating procedures.”

“Excellent session. Future LIS leaders for Hawai’i. Can’t wait to see where these young professionals will be in the next 5-10 years.”

“I was surprised that it took this long for an Indigenous Hawaiian Library Association to form. Did not know it was an issue. I am glad that it formed and that they are all very enthusiastic and learned.”

“I so appreciate and applaud this energetic group of professionals who see the importance of promoting and supporting Hawaiian librarianship”

Check Us Out! New Services at Our Libraries – Becky DeMartini, Head of Instructional Services-BYUH, Zoia Falevai, Reference Librarian-BYUH, Justin Marshall, Systems Librarian-BYUH, and Wayde Oshiro, Head Librarian-Leeward Community College

Wayde:  “I was invited by BYUH to join them on a presentation highlighting new services at our libraries. I shared our new mobile printing service ( as well as the small projects we’ve implemented to improve the overall student experience such as additional power options, mobile device charging stations, and low-cost furniture options. I was blown away by the amazing new technology and furniture at the Joseph F. Smith Library.  We’re scheduled to visit their library this month so we can see all their cool stuff in action.

After the conference we were ready for some fun.  All of us took advantage of the long weekend to explore Hilo and the surrounding areas and eat ʻono food!

Panoramic image of Hilo Bay

Hilo Bay, from the Grand Naniloa Hotel.

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