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Comparing OER to New Textbook Delivery Models & HSSI


To help everyone understand the quickly evolving textbook landscape, the Leeward OER Campus Committee [New Window] developed a side-by-side comparison of OER with the new textbook delivery models now available: IDAP and Cengage Unlimited.

OER vs IDAP vs Cengage Comparison Chart [New Window]

The chart compares the three models for providing course materials and highlights the beneficial features to instructors and students.

Going to HSSI?

The upcoming HSSI will have sessions presenting all three models. As a new Open Textbook Network [New Window] member, the UHCC system invited David Ernst, OTN Executive Director, and Sarah Cohen, OTN Managing Director, to the conference.

Sarah is presenting a session on March 28th on engaging students in the development of open education programs. On Thursday, March 29th, Dave and Sarah are leading an all-day workshop for OER advocates. At the same time, Leanne Riseley, Junie Hayashi, and Wayde Oshiro are offering a condensed version of Leeward’s Go Open, Go Free Using OER training for faculty and staff.

Wednesday, March 28, 1:40-2:40pm

Room 317B

“Engaging Students in Building OER Programs”

Sarah Cohen, Open Textbook Network

Campuses have made successful cases for building open education programs. But does that mean that our campus communities are connected this work? This workshop will share examples from around the nation of how campuses are connecting their students to their open education programs. In so doing, we ensure greater commitment and impact, new ways of building sustainable open education programs.

Sarah Cohen is the Managing Director of the Open Textbook Network. Her work focuses on building a community of institutions who share strategies to successful open education programming. UHCC System has joined the 600 plus institutions who constitute the Open Textbook Network.

Thursday March 29, 9:30am-4:30pm

Room 7-532 

OTN workshop (UHCC OER trainers)

Sarah Cohen and Dave Ernst, Open Textbook Network 

OTN will provide one full day of training for leaders from higher education institutions across UH Community Colleges that will focus on: increasing participants’ familiarity with the nuances related to the issues around open textbook adoption; strengthening presentation capacity for future open textbook workshops; and enhancing open textbook program development.

Thursday March 29, 9:30am-12:30pm

Honolulu CC Library

Go Open, Go Free Using OER

Leanne Riseley, Junie Hayashi, and Wayde Oshiro with Lois-lynn Deuel, Leeward Community College
What’s happening with OER at UHCC? Learn where to find OER, get your questions answered, hear about a faculty member’s eye-opening experience adopting OER, and find out who to contact on your campus for support.
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