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BIG LIBRARY READ and Goats Have Arrived!


Big Library Read 2018 Ad

Big Library Read is an international e-book reading program facilitated by OverDrive that connects millions of readers around the world.

When life gets your goat, use your library card.

Jennifer McGaha’s debut memoir, Flat Broke with Two Goats, has been selected for the next Big Library Read. On April 2-16, Leeward CC Library users will have unlimited access to borrow the e-book by visiting our OverDrive database. The lending period is two weeks from the start of your borrow date. Please note: Only the e-book format will be available through our OverDrive collection.

About the Book

Flat Broke with Two Goats is told with bold wit, unflinching honesty and a firm foot in the traditions of Appalachia. A true story that started as a last-ditch effort to settle debts, it transparently reveals the joys and challenges of overcoming unexpected life-altering events. Flat Broke with Two Goats is a fearlessly written memoir that reminds readers to not take themselves too seriously and to always remember to laugh, no matter their situation.

A Letter From the Author


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