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2018 Library User Survey Results


Mahalo to those who participated in our Annual Library User Survey [New Window] which was conducted April 9-22, 2018.  We went entirely paperless! Links to the survey were made available on our library website, National Library Week LibGuide, library blog, and on our iPad stands [New Window] located in the 2nd floor Learning Commons and the 3rd floor library area. A total of 81 survey responses were collected from students, faculty, and staff. Below is a brief recap of the results.

Survey Findings


2018 Annual Survey Demographic

  • 54 respondents were students, 27 were faculty and staff.
  • 64.8% of students classified themselves as full-time, 35.2% classified as part-time
  • 85% of all respondents selected the Pearl City campus as their main location
  • 46.3% of students said they visited the library 4 or more times a week
  • 48.1% of faculty and staff said they visited the library 1-2 times a month

Primary Uses of the Library

Student respondents primarily used the library to study or use/borrow the computers, laptops, or iPads. Faculty and staff respondents primarily used the library to meet and collaborate with the librarians and borrow books and other materials.

Library Hours

94.8% of respondents were satisfied with the library’s hours.

  • 92.3% of students agreed they were satisfied with the library’s hours
  • 100% of faculty and staff agreed they were satisfied with the library’s hours

Library’s Physical Space


97.9% of respondents felt comfortable in the library.

Students Faculty & Staff
1st Floor – Learning Commons 98% 95.2%
2nd Floor – Library 98% 100%

Most of the student respondents were equally comfortable on the 1st Floor – Learning Commons and 2nd Floor – Library while the faculty and staff preferred the 2nd floor – Library than the 1st Floor – Learning Commons.

Environment (Space, Noise, & Lighting)

95.8% of respondents thought the library was conducive to learning.

Students Faculty & Staff
1st Floor – Learning Commons 90% 95.2%
2nd Floor – Library 100% 100%

Study Areas

Student respondents were generally satisfied with the study areas.

  • 94.1% were satisfied with study areas in the 1st Floor – Learning Commons
  • 100% were satisfied with the study areas in the 2nd Floor – Library

Services & Resources

Students Faculty & Staff
Enough Books for Course(s) 97.5% 93.3%
Availability of Computers, Laptops, & iPads (student responses only) 100% N/A
Computer Resources Contributing to Student Success 100% 100%
Library Website – Usefulness 98% 92.6%
Enough Articles for Course(s) 97.9% 88.9%
Library Instruction Sessions – Increased Students’ Ability to Research and use Library Resources 100% 100%
Library Staff – Guiding Patrons to Relevant Resources 98% 100%

Overall Satisfaction of Library Services & Resources

97.5% of respondents were generally satisfied with the services, resources, and support provided by the library.

A few comments on what patrons like about Leeward CC Library:

“The availability of computers, the group study rooms, and also the newspaper and magazines. I also like the changing books and themes as I walk in, the glass cases are always full of interesting things.”

“Ease of working with librarians, scheduling class sessions.”

“Everything for student’s academic success is located in one area. Also there so many great resources in there.”

“Quietness to do my research (2nd floor); catching up on my reading (magazines); entry door displays; Hawaiian/Pacific section; KimoBean; available resources; bestseller novels; popular DVDs available for viewing.”

“Service-oriented. Many practical services, events, displays, flyers, activities to help students be engaged and interested and to help them grow increasingly more knowledgeable about how to use all the available resources.”

Suggestions for improvement include:

  • Longer, more varied hours including weekends
  • More computer and group study areas
  • More desk space for studying
  • Improving access: wider stairway entrances to 3rd floor and better elevator access
  • More books and access to resources
  • More programming: events, library tours, workshops, etc.

View the full report and survey comments here [New Window].

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