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Database Trial: Mometrix eLibrary


Thinking of applying for grad school, but dreading the GRE?  Studying for the NCLEX or Praxis?  Whether you need to resurrect long-forgotten math skills or prepare for a professional certification exam, the library’s newest trial may be of interest to you.

Mometrix eLibrary offers study guides and practice questions for many standardized exams, including Praxis, GRE, TOEFL, ACCUPLACER, NCLEX, CLEP, MCAT, GMAT, and more.

Study Guides menu:

Mometrix study guides screenshot

Sample study guide: TOEFL Secrets.

Mometrix TOEFL study guide screenshot

Practice Tests menu:

Mometrix practice tests screenshot

Sample practice test: GRE Verbal Reasoning.

Mometrix GRE practice test screenshot

Access the trial at: [New Window]
Password: LCC0525799

Trial runs through approximately 10/29/2018.

Your input strongly influences our purchasing decisions, so we appreciate your honest assessment.  After reviewing Mometrix eLibrary, please submit your feedback: [New Window].

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