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Library Website Accessibility Statement


We have posted a website accessibility statement to affirm our commitment to making our website accessible to users with sensory or mobility disabilities. It highlights some of the features we’ve incorporated to improve accessibility. It also lists the issues we’re still trying to address, and describes those we have no control over.

In addition to our own statement, we have also provided links to the accessibility statements of the producers of the library’s research databases and online publications. Instructors who are teaching the college’s five-week online courses are required to make these available to their students to meet Standard 8.6 of the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric.

Website accessibility statements are becoming common. Organizations post them to show that they are aware of, and are committed to addressing, web accessibility issues. They also serve to alert users to problems they may encounter.

To learn more about online accessibility issues and techniques for addressing them, check out our Making Online Content Accessible guide.

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