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January 10, 2017
by Wayde Oshiro

More Than Academics

The Library’s mission is to provide an information-rich, learner-centered environment fostering discovery, critical thinking, and innovation in support of academic achievement, student success, and lifelong learning.  While our services and resources will always be focused on supporting classroom instruction, in recent years, we have acquired new resources that support the personal and intellectual growth and well-being of the entire campus.  If you haven’t taken a look at what we have to offer, here’s what you’re missing-

  • News junkies:  New York Times Online.  Full access to online content with the Academic Pass.  Learn how to create your account here.
  • Magazine connoisseurs:  Flipster digital magazines optimized for tablet and smartphones.  Nearly 40 titles and growing. If you don’t see a title you want to read let us know.  Submit your requests here.
  • Bookworms:  As a library we’ve always had books but we acquired few bestsellers or trade fiction and non-fiction titles. Our Bestsellers collection is for dedicated fans of the printed book.  Go to the 3rd floor to browse this collection. Suggest an author and we’ll be on the lookout for new releases.  Submit your requests here.
  • E-book enthusiasts:  Our Overdrive e-book platform is optimized for tablets, e-readers, and smartphones.  Find a variety of personal growth, health and well-being, bestsellers, and Dummies titles here.  This is a growing collection and we are always open to suggestions.  Submit your requests here.
  • Documentary lovers:  The Kanopy video platform provides online streaming access to thousands of full-length documentaries, foreign films and classic movies.  New releases abound!
  • Data nerds:  Statista offers over 1 million statistics from over 18,000 sources.  Charts, graphs, and tables are exportable in several formats.  Illustrate your reports and posters with ready-made infographics.
  • IT experts:  Enhance your skills and retain your certifications by using our Safari Online collection of IT and computer science manuals.  Includes desktop and web applications, computer programming, digital media, and more.

Everything I’ve mentioned here and much more is found on our homepage at  Enjoy!


January 10, 2017
by Eileen Sakamoto

Martin Luther King, Jr : We Shall Overcome


With the upcoming national celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday on January 16th, this Kanopy film has excerpts of some of his most eloquent and inspiring speeches.  He speaks of the rights of all people to achieve racial equality through ‘protest without violence’.   He felt empowered by the Christian faith and influenced by the demonstrations of Gandhi.

In the 11-year period between 1957 and 1968, King traveled over 6 million miles and spoke over 2500 times, wherever there was a need to contest injustice and racial prejudice. Kanopy offers other films on this brilliant orator and writer.

October 21, 2016
by Wayde Oshiro

Calaveras – Day of the Dead via Kanopy

A guest post by Eileen Sakamoto:

Single image from movie

Calaveras – Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) depicts an autumn celebration from the Mexican culture. The festival honors people who have died and have relatives or friends who still love and miss them. It is believed that the children’s spirits who have died come back on November 1st and the adult’s spirits return on November 2nd

The gravestones of their loved ones are decorated, however, if people cannot decorate the gravestones, they celebrate by building altars that have bright marigold flowers, decorated sugar skulls, candy, favorite items of their lost loved ones, white candles to guide them home, food, water to quench their thirst and most importantly, a photo of the person who has passed on. A very interesting 30 minute film available on Kanopy.

For more information on this celebration, see the Credo Reference Topic Page on Día de los Muertos.

A display celebrating elements of Día de los Muertos will be installed in the Library Foyer next week.

September 5, 2016
by Wayde Oshiro
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Railroading Paradise

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.01.56 PMRailroading Paradise: Environmental Preservation vs. New Housing in Hawaii explores the contentious debate over transit, housing development, and Hawaii’s future through deliberations in the Sierra Club’s Hawaii Chapter Executive Committee in the run-up to the 2012 Honolulu mayoral election. Interviews with a multitude of politicians, activists, and experts representing differing viewpoints is offered. The film presents rail as the defining issue for Oahu’s economic development, sustainability, and quality of life. You’ll want to watch this regardless of which side you’re on.

Railroading Paradise is available via the Library’s Kanopy online video collection.

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