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October 21, 2016
by Wayde Oshiro

Calaveras – Day of the Dead via Kanopy

A guest post by Eileen Sakamoto:

Single image from movie

Calaveras – Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) depicts an autumn celebration from the Mexican culture. The festival honors people who have died and have relatives or friends who still love and miss them. It is believed that the children’s spirits who have died come back on November 1st and the adult’s spirits return on November 2nd

The gravestones of their loved ones are decorated, however, if people cannot decorate the gravestones, they celebrate by building altars that have bright marigold flowers, decorated sugar skulls, candy, favorite items of their lost loved ones, white candles to guide them home, food, water to quench their thirst and most importantly, a photo of the person who has passed on. A very interesting 30 minute film available on Kanopy.

For more information on this celebration, see the Credo Reference Topic Page on Día de los Muertos.

A display celebrating elements of Día de los Muertos will be installed in the Library Foyer next week.

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