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February 29, 2016
by Wayde Oshiro

Introducing SAGE Business Researcher

SAGE Business Researcher_logoOur newest online resource, SAGE Business Researcher, provides balanced and in-depth coverage and analysis of current topics in the areas of business and management.

Modeled after CQ Researcher, content is specially commissioned rather than aggregated from outside resources, and each report includes short feature articles on related topics, expert views often formatted as pro/con debates, and graphs and charts with downloadable data. Each issue provides context to help students understand the topic and lists scholarly resources to guide further research.

The content provided by SAGE Business Researcher can be found nowhere else.  Reports are written for undergraduate students and their research needs.  Through a user-friendly search interface, students will find information that is more thorough than newspaper or magazine articles and more up to date than books or scholarly journals.  Here is a list of recent issues:

SAGE Business Researcher_issues

If your students are in need of timely and credible resources on current issues and topics in business and management, SAGE Business Researcher may be the source you’ve been waiting for.

To access SAGE Business Researcher from the Library’s website, click Research Tools and scroll down the list of resources to find it.

Contact a librarian if you’re interested in learning more about this resource, or if you want us to come into your classroom to introduce your students to this and our many other resources.

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