Expand H-power

H-Power is doing good now, but they need to expand because if they expand then they can increase their intake of trash. Saving a lot of money from shipping it to somewhere else. While burning the trash more efficiently, while leading less waste to the landfill and at the same time creating energy for our homes. I also think that Hawaii should get rid of the recycling program because it is costing the state too much money, and it is not finding places to buy the recyclables at a cheaper rate to make a profit.

Chapter 5

“U.S. produces 7.6 billion tons a year according to U.S. Environment Protection Agency”. I didn’t realize that U.S. is producing the most amount of waste and even though we don’t have as many industries as china or other countries. It is just sad to see how wasteful we are. We should conserve and reuse materials; we could save money and decrease our waste output.

Environmental Racism

In Hawaii, there is environmental racism because plants like electricity and wateer are located in places where poor communities live in Wahiawa and Pearl City. A lot of nicer places that are located in white communities. Such as Hawaii Kai, majority of the people that live in these communities are white and rich.

Who’s to Blame

Production companies and the government are to blame because they are using cheaper alternatives to make a better turnover (profit) without considering the effects on the consumer’s health. Their are better alternatives that have no or less chemicals and effects that the products can have on the consumers. Majority of the consumer’s are willing to spend a little bit more money on products that will have less side effects and better health for them.

Industrial effects

In the reading, their are a lot of disturbing facts like how industries affect the environment, communities, workers and people everywhere, no matter if a person lives far or near the factory. They are being affected; the workers are being intoxicated from just breathing or touching the products, and the community that lives near from the factories are breathing the air being released from production. There are millions of pounds of chemicals that are being burned into the air and affecting people’s health near and carried all over from the wind.

Water Is A Right

It is everyone’s right to have access to water. It shouldn’t be a good because everyone needs water, it is a necessity. Without water nobody can survive, it is not right for water to be sold and especially, when companies are getting the water for free. Being able to make a profit off of it, while people around the world don’t have access to potable water.

Divert Water

I still think that the water from the Waiahole shouldn’t be diverted to Ewa. Ewa has sufficient amount of water as of now and if they need water, they should manage their water efficiently and effectively use the water. Waiahole needs the water more, for crops and taro farms to thrive, to keep the Hawaiian tradition alive and well. If the water is to be diverted then there is multiple environment effects that are going to come like draughts, stream beds drying up, and insufficient water flow.

Favorite Product

My favorite product that I own is my 1963 VW Bug because it was the first car that I have driven and it is something that me and my dad love to work on. It is made in Germany and made from a composite of metal, wood, cotton, plastic, rubber and fiberglass. Also, it is something that I will cherish and keep in the family; hopefully, one day passing it down to my kids and pass it down to their kids.

Home and Identity

I was born in Honolulu, and raised in Mililani and Wahiawa. Right now, I live in Pearl City with my grandparents and it has beenĀ  a drastic change in moving from one community to the next. In Mililani it is known as a young community, and Pearl City is majority made up of the elders. Living in Pearl City has shaped me because it had showed me maturity and taught me how to grow up.