13. Hawaii’s Trash Problem

I think the best solution for Hawaii’s trash problem is to build another waste-to-energy plant because not only it will clean the environment from trash it will convert it to energy to give it the communities on the island. The solution will work because it will decrease the waste that goes to the landfills, and the landfill’s life span will last longer.

12. What I Learned

One thing I learned from chapter 5 is “Incinerators liberate the toxic contained  products into the air” (Leonard eBook pg 406). That  quote is important because, people think that the way to get rid of trash is to burn it, but they are wrong, it’s only hurting themselves and the community. Once the trash is burned, the toxins from the products mixes up with the air, and pollutes it. The, the communities and the people who live around the are where trash is being burned will face the consequences.

11. Trash

I kinda know where the trash foes our waste is picked up by the garbage truck, ans it is dumped in a facility where all trashes get dumped. I know because i see garbage trucks picking up my trash every week. My question that I have about the disposal is, there a better way to dispose our waste where we could help our environment to be cleaner instead of polluting the air with toxic chemicals from burning trash?

10. Electronics

Most of my money goes to buying electronics, from buying a new phone to buying a new game system. Electronics is my favorite thing to buy because it keeps me entertained when I’m not doing anything I can just play games on the Ps4, or listen to music on the Ipod. The things that contribute to the desire to buy those thinks is because I go to the gym a lot, and the trend is a big part thy contributes to buying those things, because I like getting new stuffs.

9. Learning is Fun

Taking this class this semester has taught me a lot of things that I thought I wasn’t good at. I learned to be more environmentally friendly because there’s products that are made from materials thay can harm the people. I also learned to more organized on making ab essay.

8. Environmental Racism

Environment racism is everywhere especially in third world countries. factories are built in their country which, the people that live near factories have no say which makes them more prone to getting diseases or illness, there is also environmental racism in Waianae, there us a part where you could smell poop, and according to the people, Waianae is a not a good place to be at which makes it a poor community.

7. The consumers!

I think the consumers are to blame for toxins in our products because they have everything to do with distributing the toxins around, from expectant mothers to people just wearing clothes. The consumers play a big part on our problem of toxins in our products.The companies just make them, but the consumers are the ones that make the choice to buy the products. The solutions to this problem is to find a material that is not harmful to the environment or the people that use the product.

6. OMG

In the book called ” The Story Of Stuff” by Annie Leonard, Chapter 2 computer, I found shocking that, making a single chip that controls the motherboard that is the size of a finger nail and the production of the single chip uses millions of different materials that cane be harmful to our environment.For example, silicon, when you breath it in, or have in contact with it you have a greater chances on having silicosis which is a lung disease, or have respiratory problems

5. Water is a right

I think that water should be a right because I believe that it should be freely given to everyone who needs it. We need water to survive. Without it, we could die. In the movie called “Flow for the Love of Water” there’s a part where in South Africa the water companies privatize their water supply in order for them to get water they had to pay on the spot. Some of the people could not afford it, so that’s why i think  water should be a right for everyone, so they don’t have to drink dirty water and get sick from water contamination.

4.Diverted Water

In my opinion, the water from Waiahole should not be diverted to Ewa because it brings a lot of problems to the community. Like why so they get mire water, or why do we have to pay more for water that they do? It should be equal for everyone. Isn’t that what our nation all about: equal opportunity for everyone? Not only, resolve problems for having equal water , but it will also give awareness to the people on how much water each side use.

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