Throughout the week our group was introduced to various teaching strategies and Web 2.0 tools that support Flipped Learning.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Tackk, which allows users to easily create single-paged websites.  I was surprised by how quick and easy it allowed us to design, personalize, and add content.  I also loved learning about eduCanon, educreation, and Google Slides.

The last two days of the workshop were dedicated to creating a flipped lesson using Tackk and other technology resources that were introduced during this course.  At first I was a bit apprehensive because I do not have much experience creating lesson plans.  But, with the help of new technology and the guidance of our knowledgeable facilitators I was able to produce my first flipped lesson on a webpage!  Here is my Tackk website for my flipped lesson for a pre-calculus math class: Rational Functions & Horizontal Asymptotes

It has been a wonderful experience and I especially enjoyed learning from seasoned instructors who shared their knowledge and expertise.

Thank you Brent and Rachael for the excellent workshop! 🙂