This was a very interesting and useful week for me.  It was filled with a lot of learning moments where I learned to use nearpod, google forms, educannon, snagit, tackk, and other tools to help deliver content and learning experiences to students.  I really appreciated having the time to have hands on learning time with these various tools so that now I am confident in my ability to use them on my own this summer 🙂  I also have a better understanding of flipped learning and what it entails (i.e.  not just putting your lectures online and having discussions during class time).  I am excited to create more flipped lessons for my Fall 2015 English 24 classes over the summer.  I need to remember to keep my students and their abilities in mind as I create these lessons — as they are all deved English and most are in their very semester in college.  I know that these lessons will take time to develop as I also need to think and plan each step before I create the lessons, but the time is well spent (and it’s reassuring to know I don’t have to flip all my lessons by the end of the summer; i can still use whatever I create and flip more lessons later.

Rachael and Brent were awesome facilitators; they designed a meaning workshop that was well paced and well executed.  And my fellow flipped learning workshop participants made the week such a wonderful experience as well– thank you for you assistance, great ideas, dedication to teaching, and fun this week.  Mahalo nui loa!!


My lesson plan for chapter 2 of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck is here.  And here’s the direct link to my at home lesson on tackk.