Participating in the Flipped Classroom Workshop was extremely helpful for my course planning. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was 100! Not only was I introduced to what a flipped classroom is, but I also learned about numerous tools that I can utilize to enhance my lessons and ensure that students will be active and engaged in their learning experience.

This summer, my initial plan was to work on and design A&P II that I will be teaching this upcoming Fall 2016. After this workshop, I am certain that I will be able to create a very fun and interactive course, by integrating as manny flipped lessons as possible.

I am confident that the course I design will shape my students into independent learners, who are motivated to learn and more engaged in their learning experience. My goal is to make them more excited about A&P, and hopefully the tools and knowledge I have acquired at this workshop will be transferrable into student success and a more fun and effective learning experience!

Thank you, Rachael and Brent for all your invaluable help and support! This workshop has paved the way for many new ideas and teaching methods, and I am very excited to start designing my new course.

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