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A couple of important things happened this week.  First I found a couple of tools that I could make use of immediately in my courses.  Second I was able to identify a couple of lessons that I think can be vastly improved by a “flipped learning” approach.  Perhaps not by coincidence, the flipped approach seems best suited to topics that I have the least enthusiasm for presenting because they are easily bogged-down in detail.  It seems that much of the detail is better suited for at home assignments, leaving us more time in class to address the more interesting questions of “why here?” and “how is this similar to/different from another place?”

Considering flipped learning has also helped me better examine my existing material to think about what is best in class and what can be adapted as work outside of class.  The more I think about this the more I see that this is not simply converting all slides to “at home” assignments.  Many of the activities I current perform have elements of flipped learning, or have proven to be effective.  But there are other materials that can certainly benefit from a “flipped learning” approach.  So the value of this workshop for me is to critically examine all of the different topics I address in my classes and identify those that can be recast.  Looking forward to more variation in my courses and more higher-level learning activities in my classroom.