Flipped learning is great!  I had know idea how it’s a teaching philosophy within itself that fosters critical thinking, meets a diverse range of learning styles and applies backwards design.  As I am writing my teaching narrative for my contract renewal, it’s exciting to hear so many of the same pedagogical language I am incorporating into my document being discussed in this track!

I plan to introduce the flipped lesson I designed during this session two weeks from now!  I will be teaching ENG 200 during Summer Session I and am eager to see how they take to flipped learning on the traditionally dry topic of “evaluating sources.”  If this lesson goes well, I will incorporate it into my lesson plans for ENG 22/100 ALP for the fall semester 2016.

I was hoping to use Nearpod for one of my in class activities, but due to some technical difficulties and the fact that I start teaching in less than five days, I may have to modify my plans a little and use either Google Docs or some other instrument that allows for students to collaboratively share their thoughts on a single document that can be viewed by the entire class. (Flexibility?  One of the pillars of a flipped classroom?  Eh?)

Here are the links to my planning doc and google site:

Planning Doc

Google Site