Although this week went by rather quickly, I feel that I learned a lot in a short amount of time.  Last night as I was going through my Google site, I was also reading through my course evaluations from this past semester.  Students commented that although the content of the course was interesting, they would have liked more  hands-on activities rather than being lecture heavy.  This was a concern of mine coming into the Flipped Classroom workshop this week.  How to still provide interesting material, but have it packaged in a better, more interactive way for greater student engagement.

I feel that I have greatly benefited from taking this course with Rachael and Brent.  They’ve provided a good foundation for understanding how a flipped classroom and flipped learning works, but also are very knowledgeable about the different tools and resources out there.  I especially enjoyed that this class was modeled as a flipped class and there was an application of the concepts we were learning about (pre-lesson, at-home activities, in-class) and also the creation of an end product (flipped lesson).

Some of the takeaways that I’ve gotten from this week is the desire to create my own resources and materials for my classes instead of just curating resources.  I’ve gotten a lot of ideas for activities, worksheets, etc in order for students to also express their creative outlets to demonstrate how they understand the course material.  I’ve also learned a lot from hearing from my classmates and their plans for flipping their lessons.  I also have a better understanding of how to minimize the amount of lecturing I do in the classroom and have the in-class experience be a more richer, interactive, and engaging experience for students and even for myself.  I’ve also learned to be more flexible with classroom planning.

From the planning session and creating my own Google site for my ANTH 151: Emerging Humanity and a flipped lesson, I think that I will begin to incorporate some flipped lessons into my class beginning in the Fall 2016 semester.  For the rest of the summer, I will create additional flipped lessons for the unit I’ve begun working on during this week (which I’m really excited about) and possibly even consider flipping additional lessons within other units.


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