Leeward CC has a culture that empowers faculty and staff to implement positive changes that benefit students. There are many opportunities for professional development.  The PRLS sessions helped improve my teaching, and students have expressed an appreciation for the organization, content, and availability of course materials.

I teach face-to-face and online English courses at Leeward CC.  Students have many resources available for their courses including OER, videos, websites, and slideshows (made with Google Slides).  The course schedule with resources are organized using Google Sites. 

This May, I decided to take “What Is Flipped Learning?” because I wanted students to learn the course material more effectively.  Instead of hoping that students would read all the materials and lecturing, I decided to flip some of my lectures.  I’ll require students to complete a reflection or quiz after they complete their homework.  Instead of a lecture, students will work in groups to participate in a game or project that is based on their homework. 

Students will work on challenging projects in class, so they can help each other, and I can help them with any questions that they have.