Looking Beyond Today

Because we live on an island I believe that we should all do our part when it comes to our waste problems, if we adopt certain laws like Backhauling, Built to Last Law, and the Munuciple and Personal Composting Law I believe we could help our island with less waste,  such as  fuel waste, energy waste and, also it helps to watch what we throw in our landfills like organic compose or large appliances.

Tracking Trash

Yes, I do know where it goes, over to Waianae landfill, Ewa landfill or Nanakuli’s landfill. The reason I know this is because I have gone to all of these dumpsites at one time or another to dump my trash. Now my questions are First, what do they do for all the toxins, insects and rodents that are there? and second, what safety precautions are they practicing for their workers?

What Am I Buying Now?

I am not sure which one is more important to me when it comes to where my money goes. I have a bad habit of spending money on cleaning supplies does not matter what kind as long as it smells good and has bleach in it I just like to have a clean home, the other is shopping for my daughter I just adore all the little girl clothes that we pick out together it’s like our special time.

Re valuating My Thinking.

After all of this reading and writing about factories and toxins, I must say it has really killed my buzz going shopping nowadays. I find myself rethinking about the things that I buy or how soon am I going to use an item. I use to buy cases of bottled water, now I just got a Pur water filter for my tap pipe and a flask to keep my water cold.

Is our Island really full of Aloha?

I had seen “Environmental  Racism about seven to ten years ago when a millionaire decided to allow impoverished people to live on several of his million dollar properties located in the Kahala area. The people of Kahala said, ” these people need to go back to where they belong around their own kind.” What does that even mean? We are born and raised here, we belong everywhere on our island. Another prime example, notice all of the power plants and dump sites?  The Waianae’s coast or westside has them all. why not put some in Kahala or Hawaii Kai areas? Maybe because it would decrease those people’s property values. Sometimes environmental racism doesn’t just go by skin color, it can go by market value as well.

We Blame the Government, but who Really is to Blame?

Clearly, the Government has a hand at what goes on in these factories nation wide, but the government is a consumer also and we as consumers put these people in office that allow these factores to get away with being irrisponsible. I say we as consumers are to blame because we don’t stand up for changes and learn about ways to help with what is happening right in our own backyards.

Living waters

After watching and reading articles about the importance of water I can clearly say that I feel that Waihole should get their water returned to them, so that the farmers can have their livelyhood brought back and so they can support their famalies. Also because it has put some strain on the Windward sides eco-system. By returning their water it will help with these problems that has been going on the Windward side for so many decades.