My Television

Out of all my stuff, I would say that my television, My 50″ Smart television is my favorite. On the back it stated it comes from Japan, however, under that, it has other writings that state it is assembled in Malaysia. Before reading and doing the assignment, I thought nothing about where or what this product was made of, now I am more aware of what it really takes to make these big, beautiful televisions and that it’s not just plastic and wires but also rocks, minerals, and lots of water. Not to mention all the toxins that workers ingest because they work such long hours in factories.


Where are you from ?

I am born and raised on the island of Oahu, I have lived all over this beautiful island. During my younger years I had lived in the beautiful, green and moist Windward side and then in my teens thoughout my younger adult years I had lived in Waikiki up untill now, where I live on the Leeward/Westside. So when asked where are you from I simply say I am from the island of Oahu because I have lived all over this beautiful island.

My Name Holds Meaning

I chose to write about my middle name, which was given to me by my mom’s good friend who is a Hawaiian. My middle name is Kanoelani which means ” The Mist of Heaven.” I was told that it would bless me while I would grow up, never did I imagine that this would hold true. If I could change my name I would not, I believe that my name has been a blessing to me despite all that I have been through.