I was born and raised in Hawaii. I am from Wahiawa and lived there my entire life. I moved out of my parents home once I had a family of my own. My family and I decided to stay in Wahiawa because it is so convenient for my child’s father and me because our jobs are so close by. I would say my hometown is known for some of theĀ  restaurants such as Maui mikes, sunny side, dong yang, and kilani bakery, all of which I love. Another is the homeless and drug addicts. I am surrounded by so much love and support with my whole family being there, as well. They are what keeps me going. Seeing how many addicts and homeless that are on the streets, some the same age as myself, pushes me to want to be better and to succeed. To be able to provide and give my family everything I possibly can. The stereotypes people have of Hawaii is that we all live in grass huts.

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