Some of the things I’ve learned so far is mainly about the reading material and how the overconsumption that we all do has an impact on the environment, the community and our health. In the book, Annie Leonard gives solutions to the problem but I personally think that it is nearly impossible for us to fully commit to making changes in our lifestyles and habits because we are just so used to buying these products, tossing it when we don’t care for them, not checking labels to see what kind of chemicals they carry that can jeopardize or health, and recycling. We consider ourselves to busy to do any of those things. We feels that we need all these materials to make us happy, which ultimately it does. Companies don’t care about who and how products affect people and the environment. All they care about is the money to be made. Another thing I’ve learned so gar is how to structure essays. Which really, I had no idea how to do. I mean, I had an idea but never really knew there were actual steps to composing it. The freewrites we do is a very great way to let your mind go and write freely about whatever you feel on a specific topic. One of the most fearful thing for me was and still is the presentations and debates. I’ve always had a fear of public speaking but I’ve learned that it’s a great way to teach classmates about research you’ve done about a specific topic and everyone giving you feedback on how you did and how some things could help make it better. I learned that you can never learn to much and there’s always room for more knowledge. For example, expanding your vocabulary. How we all choose words from our reading that we do not know study and learn them and try to use them in our everyday communications.

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