I am named after my father. My dads name is also Ricky. My middle name is Allen which is my grandfathers first name. Growing up, it was weird because my mom would yell Ricky but would be calling my dad and vice-versa. Also my family has 6 Rickys in it. My parents want me to name my son Ricky but I doubt it.

Im from Houston Texas. I currently live in Hawaii. Houston, Texas is known for its space and science contributions and is home to to NASA Johnson Space Center. The main stereotype is that people think Texas is filled with cowboys, cattle and horses. Houston, Texas shaped me and my experiences because Houston is a diverse city. I got to grow up with people from different backgrounds and cultures.






My name is Ricky Beck II. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I am the oldest of two children. I am married, and my wife and I are expecting our first child in April. I have been living here in Hawaii for four years, now. I initially came here for my first duty station. I was in 3-4 Cavalry Regiment while I was active duty in the U.S. Army. I currently have five years to serve in the Reserves.

As a learner, I feel I learn the best hands-on. Learning hands-on gives me an idea of what is expected of me and also an idea of how the task I am working on is to be completed. Through my past experiences, I feel I was most successful learning different things through hands-on opportunities.  For example, Wwhile in the Philippines, I was able to learn how to set up and cook oin a mobile containerized kitchen. One of my past experiences that shaped who I am as a learner is my previous years in college. My previous college experience wasn’t the best, as the semester went by, I didn’t take it as seriously as I should’ve. I failed a few classes in which I have to take over now.

Several interests of mine are basketball, golf, riding my motorcycle, and spending time with my family. My favorite basketball player of all time is Allen Iverson. I was fortunate enough to have met him when I was younger. By just looking at me, people always say they never would’ve guessed I played golf. I actually played golf all through my high school years and still do so occasionally on weekends. I want to teach my son how to play golf in hopes he’ll be the next Tiger Woods.

One personal goal of mine is to become a SWAT Team Officer or a Personal Trainer. It was always my dream since I was younger to become a police officer, whether it’s fighting crime or helping build someone’s self-esteem. I’ve always wanted to help people and be a productive person in society.

One issue I feel I have and care about is to become a better writer. I feel through this course I will learn basic writing techniques that I can apply to my writing to help me become a better writer. I also feel through this course, there will be hands-on learning opportunities like peer editing that will help make me more aware of different writing strategies that I can apply or be cautious of when writing my own assignments.

One strength I have that I can bring to our class would be a positive attitude. I feel that keeping a positive attitude can keep your mind at peace. I believe that being positive in the toughest situations canwill help you achieve any goal you want. One writing strength that I have is my vocabulary . One writing weakness that I have is not being able to write enough and staying on topic.

Those were just a few things about myself. Now that I have shared a little about myself, I look forward to a productive semester. One goal I will set for myself this semester is to get an A in this course. Achieving my goal is important to me because  . In order to achieve my goal, I need to stay motivated and timely. One thing that I feel will keep me motivated is the birth of my son. Everything I do is not only for myself, but for my family. Managing my time wisely this semester will be a goal in itself. I will manage my time by working less hours, and putting most of my time into school and family. Between a newborn, work, and school, I need to stay on task with all my assignments, so I don’t fall behind and become overwhelmed.  




Joining the Army

I was nineteen when I joined the Army. Before joining the Army, I found myself not caring about anything. I was failing out of college, drinking alcohol’ and addicted to marijuana.  My parents worked so hard to give my brother and meI a better life. I know that I had to make it up to my parents for me failing out of college, drinking alcohol, and being addicted to marijuana. I  wanted to pay my parents back somehow.  I was on my sofa at home with, my mind baked, and the Army Strong commercial comes on. The commercial caught my attention and I thought, thinking to myself, ‘’hHell yea!! Ii’m Army Strong.’’

After graduating high school, I enrolled in several colleges, Odessa College and University of Houston- Sugar Land. Odessa College was a country, cowboy town, no place for a city boy like me. At the beginning of the semester, I was on school like white on rice. I was making decent grades and going to class. As the semester went on, I found myself not being able to control my alcohol and drug intake. The addictions got so bad to where I stopped going to class and turning in my assignments’’, and I eventually ended up dropping out after one semester. The following semester, I enrolled at University of Houston Sugar- Land. I was back home and off to a fresh start. Still addicted to drugs and alcohol, I found myself going to class under the influence . Being back home wasn’t the best choice because my friends and I would later get pulled over with marijuana. I couldn’t believe it, my friends and I were driving in a rich uppity neighborhood. Quinton, the driver, was as toasted as an Eggo. Quinton was texting and driving and accidentally dropped his phone. Quinton puts the hazard lights on and stops in the middle of a two lane highway. The cop must’ve been following us for miles, as soon as Quinton stopped, the flashing lights came on. The lights came on faster than a speeding bullet. I couldn’t believe it.’’ Thoughts racing through my mind. ‘’I’m going to jail, my future is ruined, what am i going to tell my parents.’’ This led to me digging myself into another hole with school and my parents. At the end of the semester, I ended up passing two out of the four classes I was taking. This led to my parents becoming disappointed. My parents would always say,’’You’re little brother looks up to you.”’ The disappointing look on their faces broke my heart. I knew that I had to change and become a better son and brother.


As a result, I joined the U.S. Army. I went off to basic training on a cold, South Carolina day. Getting off of the bus and arriving to the barracks, there was nothing but angry Drill Sergeants screaming. ‘’What’s your name’’?’’’’ asked one of the four men in Army greens.

I said’,’’ ‘’i’m’’ Beck.”

One of the Drill Sergeants flew my way in an angry rage yelling, ‘’Private’’,’’ that’s a fucking officer’! ‘Whenever talking to an officer, you’ll end the conversation with sir or ma’am’’!

I smartly replied with an “Ok”.”

Drill Sergeant replied, “Ok? ‘’Ok,’’’’ fucker!, sSince Private Beck wants to be a smart ass, everybody start doing pushups!!!

By this time, I was thinking what have I gotten myself into? The torment had just begun.’’There was’’ non stop yelling, excessive pushups, ‘’and’’ Drill Sergeants throwing and emptying our bags across the barracks. Standing at position of attention    Thinking to myself ten weeks of this? Waking up at 0400 every morning, this can’t be life.

Those ten weeks of hell flew by fast, within those weeks,; I learned more than I did ‘’in’’ my nineteen years of life. Graduating basic training was one of the best moments in my life.  This was a good moment for me because I felt accomplished.  Seeing the smile on my parents face at graduation brought me tears of joy. Hearing my parents say’, ’Ricky, ’’,’’ we’re so proud of you’’ was a relief.

Before joining the Army, I was an undisciplined kid that made his parents disappointed.   I came into the Army a punk, but graduated basic training a Soldier. Not only was I a soldier, but I was a disciplined, strong young man. I felt accomplished for the first time in my life. I felt as happy as a Christian in Heaven. Those ten weeks taught me the value of teamwork.Those ten weeks taught me teamwork, knowing that I needed the men to the left and right of me. For Example, in week nine, going thru exercise Victory Forge, you need your battle buddies. During Victory Forge, our mental and physical abilities are tested to the limits. This is the final test, we’re evaluated on everything we learned in the prior eight weeks of training; from first aid, security and reconnaissance patrols. An unfriendly winter didn’t make Victory Forge easier. The South Carolina winter was brutal, it was as chilling as a breath of death. We’d have to spend a total of four days and three nights living in a wooded area. In the beginning of Victory Forge we started off slow, doing basic first aid. I thought to myself not so bad. Day two and three we have a couple of patrols, casualties, evaluating casualties and calling in a MEDEVAC. The final day of Victory Forge is finally here. I knew that this was going to be a tough situation. Waking up at 0300, I thought, It’s freezing. How am I going to do this?  The final day is a twelve mile ruck march, knowing when this is over i’ll be a Army Soldier. I wanted to do nothing more than quit at the time. I never did quit, the drive that I had in my heart to drive on and finish what I started. I showed myself that I can do anything, especially if I put my mind to it.


Ladakh Culture Decline

Ladakh is a high altitude desert on the Tibetan Plateau in Northeast India. On the outside, looking in, Ladakh is a wild and inhospitable place. In summer, the land is parched and dry;: in the winter, it’s frozen solid by a fierce unrelenting cold. The Ladakhis have lived on one of the highest, driest, and coldest places on earth . The Ladakhis not only survived but prospered. Until 1962, Ladakh remained almost totally isolated from the forces of modernization. In that year, in a response to the conflict in Tibet, the Indian Army built a road to link the region with the rest of the country. The road not only brought consumers and a government bureaucracy but also a impression of the outside world. After the bureaucracy, the region was opened up to foreign tourists and the process of development began to take place.  The Indian Government is to blame for the decline in Ladakhi culture, because they forced young people to attend schools and learn modern education, they wanted to develop Ladakh, and their permission was needed for tourists to come.

First, the “Indian”government is to blame for the decline of Ladakhi culture because it forced young people to attend schools.  The government wanted to teach the Ladakhi children western education.  Helena Norberg- Hodge says “Ladakh’s culture had no process of western education, education in Ladakh was the person’s role or relationship in the community.” (Par.22). Children learned traditions and rituals taught by their parents and grandparents. Growing up, kids would learn how to live on resources provided by the land. For years, Ladakhi people grew up learning how to make their own clothes and shelter. They were also taught how to pick out different animals from a distance. Modern education doesn’t teach the Ladakhi people how to live off of local resources. In Ladakhi tradition, there wasn’t any such thing as unemployment until Western modern education.  As a result, modern education has stripped people from agriculture and made people depend on the economy, which is why…

Secondly, the Indian government wanted to develop Ladakh, which is why it is to blame for the decline of…. According to Helena Norberg-Hodge, “Development has brought not only tourism, but also Western films and more recently television”.(Par.16).  They wanted to develop Ladakh by focusing on images from the media. The media focuses on things like the rich, flashy, new technology, and glamour. The media also paints a utopian image of the ‘’American Dream,’’  For the younger generation of Ladakhis, this image is perfect. Think about what the movies have taught the young Ladakhis. The media will teach them that their old teachings aren’t good enough. This leads young Ladakhis to reject their own culture and embrace the Western culture. This also leads to young Ladakhi people believing that the Western culture is superior to their own.  After awhile, younger Ladakhis will rush to get phones, sunglasses, and new clothes instead of embracing their own culture and traditions.

Finally, the Indian Government is to blame for decline in Ladakhi culture because the government’s permission was needed for tourists to come in. Tourism has had a negative impact on Ladakh.   When tourism came, changes of lifestyles and the way business wais conducted were  changed. Norberg-HodgeHelena say,s “In a traditional economy, money plays a major role and used for survival, in the Ladakhi culture basic things like food, clothes, and shelter were provided without money”.(Par 10). The labor someone needed was free of charge because they were a tight knit group of people. The Ladakhi people didn’t realize that money meant something in modern culture. They didn’t know that you needed money to survive because the Ladakhi people lived off of resources. Before tourism, everyone in Ladakh was equal.

In conclusion, modernization has brought a decline in Ladakhi culture.  The people of Ladakh have lost their individuality. People became insecure and felt they had to conform to the rest of the world’s ideology.  The Indian government is to blame for the decline in Ladakhi culture because they forced young people to attend schools, wanted to develop Ladakh, and their permission was needed to bring tourist to the community.