An experience I'l never forget.

    College presents everyone with a different experience. Whether or not it was a good one, it’s different. For me, it’s a stepping stone leading into responsibility. It was […]

The Ride

    In Nathan Kurosawa’s The Ride: Back to the Soul of Surfing, David Monroe goes back in time to 1911 after being wiped out from a big wave. He […]

The Young Gun.

    There is the constant sizzling noise echoing throughout the room. Bashing and clinging of equipment fill the air with competitive excitement. Thearoma of food enclose the kitchen, creeping […]


  The word Mālama, I think, means to me is caring for mother nature, going green. In a way of showing respect for the Earth. Some of the topics that I […]

Student Life

    The campus resource that I will be writing and doing research on is the student life resource center. I don’t really know that much about the student life […]

Words of wisdom.

The two of the ‘olelo no’eau that I follow is E Kulia i Ka nu’u and Lawe i ka Ma’alea a ku’ono ono. What I think ‘olelo no’eau means is […]

I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to Hawaii when I was five years old. I grew up in many cities like Kapolei, Pearl City, and Ewa Beach. […]