Hawaiian Homestead

For essay #3, the topic I chose to do my research is Hawaiian Homestead. For this essay I think I will interview my dad and my Uncle. My dad applied for Homestead in 2002 and has still been on that list till this day. We were suppose to be living in the Homestead long ago because my grandpa got a house, but if we were to move there we would have to share it with my Uncle and his family. That would be seven people living together in a two story, three bedroom house. So we gave it to them. I will interview my uncle so that I can how living in homestead is and what has changed since he has been there. I will ask my dad what he had to do to apply and how the meetings are. I think my dad and uncle are both qualified because they have known and applied for the homestead.



What Is Mālama?

Mālama to me means “to take care, to service, to protect, to respect.” Some topics that I was thinking of researching are Hawaiian cultures and traditions, homelessness, or trash in the beaches. Hawaiian cultures and traditions relate to mālama because I think that the cultures and traditions are dying because not a lot of people study it anymore. Homelessness relates to mālama because we aren’t taking care of the people in the community. They are struggling and some people don’t even look to see what’s wrong with us. Why aren’t we helping? Trash in the beaches show how we aren’t taking care of our land and resources. I could talk to the Hālau or people in the community that are involve in these topics. I do know some experts that I can consult with. Kamehameha schools helped me to make those connections when I was involved in their scholars and Hawaiian learning programs.



What Can We Do For You?

In essay 2, I will be writing about Hālau `Ike O Pu`uloa. This campus resource provides information on scholarships for native Hawaiians, counseling, a study space, lounge, gardens, and the usage of computers and laptops. I want to know what the people who work there do, what they love about it, different events they provide, and what kind of things do they help the students with. For the essay, I will do an interview with someone that works there and also information from a pamphlet and from a website. I think students should use this resource because they provide a comfortable environment. I visited that Hālau once and they were so kind, helpful, and respectful.


What Speaks to You?

Looking at the list of `ōlelo no`eau, the one that speaks to me is “A`ole nōi `ike ke kanaka i nā nano o koha wahi i hānau ia ai.”This translates to a person doesn’t see all the beauties of his birthplace. I think this means to not take things for granted. I can apply this to my life by always caring and respecting the people and things in my life. One wise quote I follow is, “He Hawaii au, a mau a mau.” I think this means what I wrote haha. It means I am Hawaiian forever and ever.


My Community

I am from Oahu but to be more specific I am from Palisades Pearl City. Where I am from it’s known for drug-use and the fighting. Some stereotypes that people associate with where I am from are that Pearl City High School is junk and that there is always going to be some kind of fight. My home has shaped me to go on a different path then the stereotypes. To become successful and have a bright future 603_main_photo_for_pc

What do you mean?


My middle name is Kealohilani. It means “brightness from heaven” in Hawaiian. I think I was given this name because I am bubbly and happy most of the time. I really like this name because I feel like it perfectly describes the type of person I am. If I could give a name for myself, I would choose my middle name to be my first name because my siblings both have Hawaiian names or are called by their Hawaiian name, but I haven’t.