Water is a Right

Water should be a right because it is a free natural resource that we need for survival. No one person created it. Water is a natural resource that came about when our planet was formed. Humans are not the only living organism that use or need water. So why do we (humans) have to pay for something that should be free?

Diverted Water

I think the water should be diverted to Ewa because of the population size that is now living there. However, I think the water should equally be distributed from the Waiahole Ditch so that both Windward and Ewa can benefit from it without causing an issue. Or the Waiahole Ditch should be destroyed and no one uses it

Favorite products

I have two different kinds of favorite products. My house plants and my jewelry. My house plants were grown in South America for the Home Depot company. My jewelry consists of many different metals, stones, and minerals. I have Rubies, Gold, Tiger eye, Jade, pink and yellow Sapphire, just to name a few. Most of my jewelry are made in Thailand, USA, Hawaii, and the Philippines.

Where I’m from

I am from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I lived there until I was 9 years old. My hometown of Kingston is known for its city like living, reggae music capital of the world, breathtaking beaches, and one of the most visited vacation spots in the world. Jamaica’s stereotypes are that every native has dreadlocks, smokes weed, and has more than three jobs. Growing up in Jamaica has made me very independent because at a young age I had to learn certain things that say a 7 year old American child would have no clue of knowing, like how to take a commuter bus to and from school. I lived in three states here in America, Pennsylvania, New York, and Tennessee. I currently live here in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.

Inside out

People tell me that I’m loving, kind, caring, and an all around beautiful person. I have to say that “I agree”. I enjoy cooking, tending to my house plants, I’m all about my family, I’m grounded, and I have a thing for decoration. I think that I’m a colorful person, who is frightened by rainbows.


My name was given to me by my mother years before I was born. She worked as a nanny for a couple with two daughters. One of their daughter’s name is Sandra and the other was Tracy. She liked both names and thought Sandra was unique. The meaning of the name Sandra is “defender of men”. It is a Greek name, a feminine form of Alexander. When I was younger I like the name “Kelly Smith”. I thought it was a pretty name. Now, I don’t care for it. I’ve grown to appreciate my name. I wouldn’t change it for anything.