Hawaii’s Trash

I think Hawaii should stop its recyclables from going overseas now the H-Power is extending their plant. Hawaii should continue to use certain recyclables like compost, glass for roads, and paper for filtering materials, but the rest should be sent to H-Power and be converted into energy. This will save the city money from the cost of shipping its recyclables overseas to China and the mainland. Plus H-Power can use more trash for their waste-to-energy program.


During our trip to H-Power, I’ve learned the the company reduced trash that would otherwise be dumped into the landfills in Hawaii by 90%. During the development and expansion of H-Power, the state is now on the fence about ending their recycling program because it is no longer cost efficient to Hawaii.

Who’s to Blame?

I think everyone is to blame because although toxic chemicals are dangerous to our health, we as a society depend on the bane substances for survival in this day and age. As I said in a previous debate, toxic chemicals are a necessary evil. Hazardous compounds are in every products we use daily from medical devices to our children car seats. Toxic chemicals are apart of the earth which makes them apart of us.