Semester Reflection Essay 5

Sheldon Temblor-Perez

Ms. Chang


Essay 5

2 December 2016

Semester Reflection

There are many things I have learned throughout this semester. I learned things like rhetorical analysis, improved grammar in my writing, and description and narration.I also grew as a student this semester because I overcame many adversities. From personal problems, to work getting in my way, to adjusting back into the school atmosphere.

In my very first essay, I had many grammar errors, spelling errors, and MLA formatting problems. One of the sentences that I had included in my essay was, “I don’t know how a good way to reflect on my essay.” This was just one of the many mistakes I had in this first essay. From here on, I’ve seen less mistakes, and improved writing skills in my essays throughout the semester. Although my grades might not show it, I improved as a writer.

Another thing I have mastered because of this class was the rhetorical analysis. I now understand what pathos, logos, and ethos mean. I even gave a speech for my final in speech on sales tactics, and gave a full breakdown on each of the three rhetorical analysis. Pathos appeals to the audience’s emotion, logos convinces the audience using statistics and facts, and ethos uses credibility to sway an audience.

In this class we did song analysis, and I understood this well. We were told to find similes and metaphors in songs to see what the artists were trying to say. We also learned sensory details to better our writing skills. For example, “The blanket was as soft as a new born baby.” All these tools that were taught improved my writing skills tremendously.

I faced many challenges this semester, but the biggest challenge of them all was, trying to balance school with  my personal life. Finding the balance between them was the hardest part. Some days I didn’t come to school because of work, and some days, I didn’t go to work because of school. This is one of the main reasons why I struggled so hard in this class. The only way for me to correct this issue in the future is to put aside time for school, even with my busy days.

Another challenge I faced this semester was adjusting to the school atmosphere. After I took a year off from school, it was hard to get back on schedule. I wasn’t used to waking up at seven in the morning to get ready for school because I always started work later in the day. Having school and work also made my days much longer, and this meant less sleep. This is one of the reasons why I would miss my morning classes because sometimes I would oversleep.

    In conclusion, this semester has been hard on me. But, now that I have adjusted myself to this schedule I feel I have the hang of things. I also learned many things this semester to help me in the future, and I am more prepared for future situations. This semester has been a hard one, but the lessons I’ve learned are going to help me in the long run.


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