Significant Moment Essay 1

Sheldon Temblor-Perez

Ms. Chang

ENG 100

8 September 2016

Growing Up

Everyone needs to grow up sometime. The moment that changed my life took place on May.25,2015.

Before this exact date in time, I was just a high school kid who fooled around in class and didn’t really care for doing work. I would consider myself to be a slacker in school. You would find me figuring out ways to get out of school without getting in trouble. My grades were mediocre and I couldn’t care less.

Going into my senior year of high school I was told I may not graduate on time, and this sparked a changed in my attitude for school real quick. My life was turned 360 degrees, and I ended up getting almost straight As and two Bs, which I have never seen on any of my report cards before. This allowed me to graduate on time, but I was considered a graduating junior because I didn’t the correct amount of credits to be considered a senior.

May.25, 2015. Graduation night. As hundreds of students gathered in our gym to get ready for graduation I could hear classmates crying about leaving high school and friends. I could also hear laughter and excitement in friends voices for these classmates ready to begin their next journey in life. As teachers played a slideshow of our class and the memories we made, I saw tears fall from friends cheeks.

As we walked out of the gym and towards the stadium we were surrounded by a sea of thousands of family members and friends. It felt as if we were playing at the super bowl and everybody came to watch. As the announcer called my name and family and friends shouted I knew I had finally did it. I finally had graduated high school after four long years. This night however, would begin a new chapter in my life.

After graduating high school I was forced to get a job because I learned quick that once I was done with school, my life would pretty much revolve around the need of money. I currently live with my grandma and my sister. One night I walked in to my grandmother’s room and noticed she looked very sick. I sprinted to the phone and dialed 911 for an ambulance. It turns out she had oxygen deficiency disease, and this forced her to stop working. This meant needed to grow up real quick and become the “man of the house.”

Since then I have been taking care of my grandmother and my sister by myself. These obstacles in life have helped me mature and become way more responsible than I was back in high school. I have never been more proud of myself than this very moment because I know I have become a way better person in general because of the events that shaped my life today. Instead of being a slacker and being someone who really didn’t have no responsibilities I am now someone who goes to school, works and takes care of my family on my own.

    Graduating high school gave a me a taste of the real world is like but like I said earlier, everyone needs to grow up sometime.

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