What’s in a Name?

Quite honestly, the story of my name isn’t so glamorous.  My parents told me that they found my name in the newspaper.  They found the name Kara but wanted my name to begin with a C because my dad’s name begins with a C, so that’s how they got Cara.  I am glad my parents decided to name me Cara because I feel that that name fits me; they told me that they almost named me Carmel.  While I don’t have anything against the name Carmel, I don’t think it fits me very well.  I’m not sure if I grew into the name, or if the name just fit me from the beginning.  My name, Cara, in Celtic means “friend.”  In Italian, I heard that it means “beloved,” or “dear.”  I also learned that in Cornish (U.K.), my name means “love.”  What do you think?  Does that name fit me?