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Smart Classroom (Orientation) Challenge


We started off this semester by rolling out a revised out Smart Classroom Orientation.  We call it our Smart Classroom Challenge because it goes beyond a technical briefing by incorporating a challenge activity into the learning process.  Attendees were given an abbreviated lecture overview of the Smart Classroom hardware and its operation.   We then challenged them to come up with of brief activity modeling an instructional use of the room equipment.    While they brainstormed their activity we introduced a “problem” into the equipment setup.  Attendees were then asked to think on their feet to troubleshoot the technology and present their activity to the our group much like they would have to do in live classroom.  Successful completion of the Smart Classroom Challenge activity earned participants the Smart Classroom PD badge below.  For those instructors who are already implementing an activity in their Smart Classrooms we hope you will consider sharing what you do with us.  Send us an email at emc.lcc@gmail.com and you could be featured in an upcoming blog post.

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