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The Power of Laulima Groups


If you are teaching a course this semester, whether it be face-to-face or online, you might like to learn more about Laulima’s Group feature.  This tool allows you to assign students to groups in Laulima which can be a time saving benefit for an instructor.   For example assigning students to groups or teams for the purpose of small group discussion is a common activity in an online course.    But did you know that for a few extra minutes of setup you can formally structure you students into Laulima Groups within your course.

One really nice reason to do this is to save time when grading.   It can be daunting to scroll through a list of 25+ student names in the Gradebook, if you have Laulima Groups setup you can easily select All Grades> View by group.  So instead of scrolling to find student names, you only see the students who are in that group.

Another nice thing you can do once groups is set up is send mail messages to specific groups.  In the Laulima Mailtool you will now see the option to send messages or attachments to specific group.  That saves you the time of having to look up who is in each group every time you want to email the group.

For those who use the Laulima Forum tool for discussions, Laulima Groups allow you to setup a Forum with individual Topics unique to each group.  For example, Forum= Week 1 discussion topic  and Topics= Group 1, Group 2, Group 3…    Allowing Group 1 to “write” posts only in Group 1 topic while allowing everyone else only to “read” and follow Group 1’s discussion.

Additionally a neat thing that you can do once Laulima Groups are setup is send course Laulima Announcements to specific groups.     You can create a group called “Please Remind Me” and populate it with students who want constant reminders.  Then create your Laulima Announcements, schedule them for mid week delivery and specify to only send it to those in the “Please Remind Me” group.  Similar notifications can be setup with Laulima Assignments.

Instructors can manage the group membership at any time and if students drop the course their information is removed from the group and your Laulima course.

To start creating your groups in Laulima go to Site Info> Manage Groups.  Then simply select Create New Group.  Select your students (Hold down Control key to select more than one)  on the left and click the single “>” icon to move them over to the group.


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