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Culinary Students Use Google Docs to Share with Future Students and Employers


Ian Riseley

Ian Riseley

Ian Riseley, Associate Professor in Culinary, has been using Google Docs for the last three semesters to capture the student-created dishes served in The Pearl. The student menu is the capstone of the CULN 223 8-week module and is worth a significant portion of their grade.

The Student Menu Assignment asks students to create and prepare one or two dishes. The dishes must present well and show a degree of difficulty and creative flair. At the same time, students must keep in mind that they may have to produce their dishes for up to 30 people. The student menu rubric assesses the recipe, food order, production, as well as the dish itself. Ian finds that students spend a lot of time and effort working on their recipes.

Ian decided to start using Google Docs as a way to share information by:

1. Building a library of student-created dishes

Ian currently has a library of 34 student-created recipes.

To give the reader an idea, here is a sample of two student-created recipes.

Martin Max Bajet

Click to view recipe


Ashley Dias

Click to view recipe

Ian has found that the students go to his website to browse through the other students’ dishes for ideas as they are creating and working on their own dishes. Since the Google Docs are linked to a website, after the student graduates, he/she may still access and copy any of the recipes.

Ian finds that students take a huge amount of pride and ownership in their dishes and really enjoy sharing them with their classmates.

2. Creating a publicly viewable document that could be sent to a future employer

As part of the final assignment, students create a standardized recipe (which is done in many restaurants) so the dish can be produced exactly the same way, thus controlling quality and quantity.

As you saw in the above samples, each student creates a Google Doc with their recipe, their name, and a photograph of their dish. They create their Google Doc and share it publicly, which generates a sharable link. When the time comes for students to apply for a position, they can send the link to their future employer.

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