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Do you use videos in your online or flipped course?  If so how can you tell your students are watching them?   We recently hosted a workshop on a tool called eduCanon that makes online videos more interactive and motivates your students to watch them.   EduCanon works with many of the main video streaming services, for example YouTube and Vimeo.  EduCanon basic is free and you don’t need to create a new account with them.  Educanon will work with your UH “Google” username, simply click on the G option to authenticate and get into eduCanon.   Once logged in you simply create a “bulb” by pasting in the URL of your video and setting basic title, objectives and profile information.   After your bulb is set you are now able to crop your video and add interactive questions to your video.  Question types include Multiply Choice, Free Response and Reflective Pause.    You determine the time at which the video stops and prompts the student to respond to the questions.   Instructor’s can create classes and add students to them.  The eduCanon bulbs can be embedded into your course website and students can watch the eduCanon bulb on their own time.  Lastly, you can monitor their participation.

Ideas for using eduCanon include, using it to crop a YouTube video so that only a few minutes of a lengthy video can be used.  Another good use of the crop video function might be to split a long video into parts.  Simply crop the video into part one and part two and save as two independent eduCanon bulbs.   EduCanon can be used to stop a video and bring emphasis to specific spots of the video.  Students will be kept on their toes because they will not know when or how many/ if any eduCanon interactions are in a given video.

There are many creative ways to implement eduCanon into most any video resource you are currently using.    Visit the eduCanon website to learn more.

Direct URL ( https://www.educanon.com/listcode/267882/s849ee?cn=s )

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