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DPC and TPRC Template


templateFor those of you serving on a Division Personnel Committee (DPC) or Tenure and Promotion Review Committee (TPRC), this template may be something you would like to use or modify as you go through your reviews. I have found it to be a practical tool to keep my notes for each candidate.

  1. Go to http://goo.gl/XQhfIv. (Be sure you have logged into your hawaii.edu account.)
  2. The file will open in Google Docs. Click on File > Make a copy…
  3. Do not checkmark “Share it with the same people”.
  4. In the copied document (your newly created document), click on the title (upper left corner after the Google docs logo) and re-name it with your own title.
  5. Now you may use or modify the template for your candidate review. The document will only be viewable by you.

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