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What are students saying about OER?



This past May, Leeward CC students were surveyed on textbook costs. 987 students took the survey.

55% of students said they decided not to buy a required textbook for a course.

58% of students reported the cost of textbooks determined whether they took a course.

One of the primary reasons instructors adopt OER is to benefit their students. The video below features Christina Kaleiwahea, a Leeward CC student who shares the student perspective on how the high cost of textbooks affect her and how she would like to advocate for the use of OER.


Christina Kaleiwahea of Leeward Community College is licensed under CC BY 4.0


This next video features a student from Tacoma Community College, JoAnne Eller. She states OER has allowed her to put more money toward her general education.








My OER experience” by JoAnne Eller of SBCTC is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Tomorrow’s post is on Finding and Choosing OER


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