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The challenge for educators seeking open resources is that the standards for collection and categorization are in various states of development and adoption.  Presently, there is no one single place to look for quality OER so it takes a bit of effort digging around to find something useful.  The Leeward CC Library has developed an OER Lib Guide that will help you through the process. Here are a few place to start your search.


  • Open Textbooks – Open textbooks are available with nonrestrictive licenses. This page lists sites which include peer-reviewed titles representing a wide range of disciplines and subjects.
  • Open Textbooks by Subject – This page has a compilation of links to open textbooks  in various subjects. The subject areas include: Math, Economics, History, Biology, Botany, English, Psychology, Sociology, Speech, Foreign Languages, Anthropology, and Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Open Content – This page has links to digital repositories including modules, learning objects, videos, and more.
  • Open Courses – This page has links to college-level course content made freely available by institutions.

Discover more OER resources here: http://guides.leeward.hawaii.edu/oer


Tomorrow’s post is on How to receive professional development and support in OER.


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