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Monday – OER Sharing by Timothy Cubero, Jr.


This is a special guest blog post by Timothy Cubero, Jr who teaches English at Leeward CC.

Tim_150x150Why is Open Educational Resources (OER) important to the future of education?

Open Educational Resources is important to the future of education. As a developing movement in the archiving and free sharing of digitized materials for teaching, learning and researching, this continues to be an endless reservoir of intellectualism where ideas can be safely stored by participants who believe in and do not feel threatened by the endless opportunity for others in the learning community to implement and adapt recognized thought beyond the limits and competitiveness of commercial publishing, where monetary value is often placed on ideas and their authenticator. Through the OER paradigm, peer learning and collaborative scholarship allow for the highest level in the collegiality of academic freedom, which to me is the true purpose of any college.

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