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New! Printing Services for Students of OER Course Materials


As we continue the Open Educational Resources Initiative at Leeward CC, we would encourage those of you who are using OER materials, to share this new service with your students.


Do you prefer to read printed pages rather than on a screen?

If so, we invite you to submit your course materials to the Leeward CC Copy Center. You will only be charged for the pages you print. Binding and three-hole punching is an optional additional charge.
book with glasses and highlighterOERcomb binding


1. Send an email to lccdup@hawaii.edu. Copy the form below into your email and fill it in.

Course: ________________ (Example: ENG 100), Instructor: __________________


___ Print all pages

___ Print pages __ to __ of the attached pdf document.

Binding: (Check one)

____ No binding

____ Three-hole punch

____ Comb bind

2. Document must be in .pdf format. Include the .pdf as an attachment to your email.

3. The Leeward CC Copy Center will email you (within 1 business day) from the time that they have received your request. The email will provide you with the total cost of your job.

Printing Costs: $0.05 per page

Comb bind or Three-Hole punch: $1.00 (Photo above right shows comb bind.)

4. Go to the Copy Center located in the General Technology Building First Floor, GT-104. The Copy Center will process your order once you pay. Cash only please.

Copy Center Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Here is a link to the electronic flyer to share with you students.






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