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Professors Share How Their Learning Environment Changed Their Teaching


Video from “A New High-Tech Learning Center Changed How These Professors Teach” by Julia Schmalz from Chronicle of Higher Education (6:17)

Three instructors are highlighted in the video sharing how they design their instruction around the physical space and technology in the classroom. This video highlights teaching strategies such as:

  • active learning
  • paired activities
  • collaborative learning

Gregory Staley, Director of Honors Humanities at University of Maryland at College Park says:

“This room made me rethink how I was going to approach the teaching of this material”.

“I changed first of all how I use PowerPoint. Instead of laying out in my PowerPoint what I wanted to say, I laid-out what I wanted them to say. You don’t go into this profession I think unless you love talking, so I had to put myself more in the background and to bring students to the fore. What you do as a teacher is to enable them to learn”.


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