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Simple and easy to use, our Swivl robotic tripod system is available for check out.  Faculty may borrow our Swivl kit (Swivl mount, iPad) to record themselves teaching.  Finished recordings can be saved or shared with others via Google Drive (no internet required to record).  This is a great tool if you are having trouble scheduling peers to sit in on your class for peer reviews.   The Swivl kit comes with an iPad for recording the video and wireless microphones to capture student questions and responses.  The Swivl base moves the iPad (camera) to always keep you in the frame as you move about the room teaching.   Check out our previous post illustrating the differences between a video camera, stationary iPad and iPad mounted on Swivl.   Please contact Brent (bhirata@hawaii.edu) in the Educational Media Center if you are interested in checking out Swivl.

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