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What We Have Learned About CES – Part 2


CES was released on Monday, October 29, 2018. Together, we are learning about this new system. Some wonderful hints and questions have already been shared. By communicating them to you, I hope it will help you as you setup your CES for your class(es).

This question was submitted by John Signor
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May I still use the traditional hard copy evaluation forms this semester and switch to CES next semester?

Yes, you may still use hard copy evaluation forms this semester. Please be aware that your students will be emailed a link to a CES evaluation for your course with a single question (How would you rate the overall quality of this course?).

This is a general question about Early College classes.

Can I use CES for my Early College class?

Absolutely. Early College classes all have CRNs in Banner. Therefore, you may create a CES evaluation for your Early College class just as you would for any other Leeward CC class.

Please continue to share your helpful hints with me and I will share it out.
Email Leanne Riseley: leannech@hawaii.edu

More information at Leeward CC CES site.

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