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Don’t Just Stand There, Swivl


Swivl ProcessAre you interested in capturing a video of yourself teaching, but dread being stuck standing in one place for the whole time?  Has poor audio made your past recordings unusable?   Are you having trouble scheduling a peer review visit or need evidence of your teaching?  Break out of that frame of mind with the Swivl video tracking/ capturing system.  The EMC recently expanded to 3 Swivl capture kits, the Swivl will smoothly pan and tilt your mobile video device (or use ours) and follow you as you move throughout the classroom.   We agree that having great audio is really important, Swivl incorporates wireless microphones for you and an additional one for small groups.  Swivl is also a great tool if you are having trouble scheduling peers to review or capture evidence of your teaching.   Simple and easy to use, the Swivl robotic tripod system is available for instructors to check out from out EMC.   Finished recordings can be saved or shared with others via UH Google Drive.      Please contact Brent (bhirata@hawaii.edu) in the Educational Media Center if you are interested in checking out Swivl.


  • Be free to move around your classroom
  • Wireless (instructor & student) microphones
  • Mobile setup
  • No Internet required for recording (only for uploading later on)
  • No new sign up (Swivl app works with your UH Google)

Check out our previous post illustrating the differences between a video camera, stationary iPad and iPad mounted on Swivl.

Swivl Process


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