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The Learning with Technology for Teaching (LwTT) unit is committed to providing open access to learning that connects learner and community needs with educational resources, appropriate technologies, and a variety of instructional andragogies.


Instructors and staff receiving services from the LwTT unit will use technologies and apply effective learning strategies.


Our services are aimed at helping instructors explore innovative educational technologies aimed at enhancing their teaching and students’ learning.

  • Assist instructors to identify and implement strategies which use appropriate and effective technologies and andragogies.
  • Provide on-going support for instructors and staff to enhance learning with technology.
    • Workshops: facilitated learning on a variety of teaching and learning technologies in a hands-on environment
    • Consultations: individualized support (request through Technology One-On-One or edtech@hawaii.edu)
    • Learning resources: self-directed online learning resources


Learning with Technology for Teaching Unit is located in the Educational Media Center in the Learning Commons Building First Floor, LC-116. Map

Learning with Technology for Teaching

No matter whether you are a just starting out or ready to share your knowledge with others, we have professional learning opportunities to meet your needs.

Please review the below video (3:52) explaining our professional learning plan geared for new faculty and lecturers.

Script for video

Click here to view the above in full-screen.

You may also be interested in Learning with Technology for Teaching Online.


Get help on incorporating technology into your project or activity or receive consulting on equipment. Sign-up to meet with a technology consultant by submitting a Technology One-On-One (TO^3) Request.








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