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Create an Educanon activity for your students.


  1. Identify a video resource that can be used in your flipped unit.
  2. Build an Educanon “Bulb” (video activity).
  3. Preview “Bulb”.

You can earn the “Educanon Creator” badge of achievement if you successfully complete the workshop’s objectives and implement your Educanon activity into your class.


When you assign a video for students to watch at home, have you ever wondered:
  • Are my students watching the videos?
  • How do I hold students accountable for watching the videos?
  • How can I help students engage in their learning when they watch the videos?

With Educanon, you can take a video from YouTube, Vimeo, or Teacher Tube, and insert assessment questions at specific points in the video which essentially stops the video at those points until the student answers the question. Once the video has completed, Educanon collects their responses to each question for you grade or simply review. Now with Educanon, students can engage in their learning while watching a video and are held accountable.


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