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Google Docs Challenge

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Create, share, and collaborate on a Google Document.


  1. Create a new Google Document.
  2. Share the Google Document.
  3. Collaborate on the Google Document using the tools and features in Google Documents, including adding a hyperlink to an outside website/resource.
  4. Identify why it would be helpful to use Google Docs.

You can earn the “Google Docs Challenge Finisher” badge of achievement if you successfully complete the workshop’s objectives.


Google Docs is Google’s online office productivity suite, a part of the Google Drive app which is an online, cloud-based repository for your files. Google Documents (of the Google Docs suite) is similar to MS Word, however, the documents live online instead of on your computer’s hard drive. The benefit of that is you will always have access to your files, never have to attach files or keep track of versions, and you can share and collaborate on documents online. There are a lot more features and tools which you will discover for yourself in today’s activity and at the end of the session.

The easiest way to access Google@UH Google Drive is to log into your Google@UH Gmail account at http://gmail.hawaii.edu, click on the grid apps icon near the top-right, and click on “Drive”.

The Google Docs Challenge

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Activity

  1. Break into teams of two or three. You are being put into the role of UH instructors. You have received a memo from the UH Board who is forming a task force on student engagement. Read the memo.
  2. Have one person create a new Google Document and share it with other team members and rinake@hawaii.edu
  3. In the Google Document, address the problem – What strategies do you have to engage students?
  4. As a team, select one you would like to share with the workshop group and bold or highlight that item in your doc. Additionally, find an outside source to support your strategy and insert a link to it in your doc.
  5. Each team will share with the workshop group.

Debrief and Discussion

What did you like about using Google Docs? What did you not like about using Google Docs or challenges did you have? What further questions do you have about using Google Docs? Does anyone want to share how they think they might want to use Google Docs in their class?

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