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SMART Board Basics Challenge

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Tuesday November 22, 2016 at 2 PM 

Please contact Brent Hirata bhirata@hawaii.edu to learn about attending an upcoming session.


Upon completion of the SMART Notebook Basic Tools workshop participants will confidently perform tasks on a SMART Board and use strategies to integrate SMART Notebook software into an engaging learning activity.


  1. Familiarize participants with the concept and basic operation of the SMART Board
  2. Familiarize participants with features of SMART Ink
  3. Differentiate between annotation options when presenting with the SMART Board


The SMART Notebook Basic Tools workshop is a  hybrid workshop you will be doing pre-workshop and face to face activities.  We aim to increase your comfort level and experience exploring efficient use of SMART Board technology in your classroom to capture notes, ideas and annotations in a digital format which can be easily captured and shared.

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Workshop Hierarchy


Please take a moment to view this video vignette of a brainstorming meeting in which the presenter has access to both a SMART Board and a chart board.  In the vignette the facilitator faces several challenges both interpersonal as well as procedural (paper vs. digital ink).   The SMART Board is being used at a basic level, to simply project an image.  The facilitator seems to be favoring chart paper and pen.  Why do you think that is?  At the end of the vignette a participant shows interest and aptitude easily using the SMART board technology, is that an accurate depiction of our students interests and comfort levels?

(Video 1)  Brainstorming with Darth Vader for Disney’s Star Wars Weekend (https://youtu.be/qtw33b9TCfU )


document-98478_640(ACTION: View) After having viewed this vignette post your responses to the above questions in this Reflection Document (Title your post with “Video Reflection“+ your name, also note you must be signed into your UH account to contribute).


Traditionally instructors have faced several challenges in effectively implementing SMART Boards.  The first challenge being a SMART Board is only as stable as the computer connected to it.  The computer needs to be well maintained and up to date.  It is also recommended that they have the most recent version of SMART Notebook software on them.   The second challenge faced by instructors is the need to be trained and well supported at an individual level of SMART Board integration.  Having these in place establishes a solid foundation on which to build instructor comfort and confidence.  We are fortunate to have the audio visual and computer “technology” in place and it is our hope that this workshop will provide you with a solid foundation to start using the SMART Notebook software for instruction.  In this workshop we will be learning to annotate, capture and share files created on the SMART Board using SMART Notebook Inking software.  In future workshops we will raise the bar to integrate the SMART Notebook Presentation software.  Below are several articles that further touch upon ideas and benefits of implementing interactive white boards into instruction.

(Article 1)  The Advantages of SMART boards in the classroom

Main Points:

  • Provides flexibility
  • Enhanced teaching/ learning experience
  • Going green

( Article 2)  Creative Ways to Use Your Interactive White Board 

Main Points:

  • Go beyond using it as a projection screen
  • Group note taking activity
  • Give students control (rotate groups through)
  • Capture lessons and share

(Article 3) Integrating Technology in K12/ SMART Boards in a Classroom

Main Points:

  • Important role of equipment maintenance
  • Pages can be saved, printed and emailed
  • Importance of training and practice


document-98478_640(ACTION: Read) Please take a moment to read a few or all of these short articles and post a response in our Reflection Document ( Title your post with article name + your name) sharing one or two benefits that you see in using interactive white board technology and an idea for how you might integrate it into your subject area. .



Now that you have read about several key benefits of interactive white boards perhaps you have begun to reflect upon your own teaching process and how you could integrate this technology.   Perhaps you could relate to the facilitator in the video vignette.  When faced with the challenges of facilitating a live discussion he leaned toward what he was comfortable and familiar with.  Keep these key points in mind, in our next section we hope to explore and engage with the SMART Boards to increase your confidence with the concept and operation of interactive white board technology.  In addition this first workshop will focus on familiarizing you with the SMART Ink software so that you feel confident in your ability to include it within your instruction.

YieldProceed After Completing  Pre-activities (Above)


Number 1 In Person Meeting #1: SMART Board Overview

The following is an outline agenda of face to face session #1.


smartboard2Getting Started with Hardware

  1. How to turn on the SMART Board and associated audio visual equipment.
  2. Orientation to SMART Board hardware
    1. Pen
    2. Eraser
    3. On screen keyboard button
    4. Right mouse click button

SMART System IconSMART System Software

Smart Sys Drop Down CroppedLocated the Systems Menu – located in upper right zone or through in Applications folder.

  1. Notebook (Future Session)
  2. Recorder
    • Record all actions that take place on your interactive whiteboard, such as training or workflow processes. Add audio with a microphone, control recording quality and video format and share your recording with colleagues.
  3. Keyboard
    • On screen touch keyboard.
  4. Screen Capture
    • Enhance your lesson activity by capturing a selected area, window or a full screen grab from your desktop.
    • Capturing annotations to share for later
  5. Screen Shade
    • Gradually reveal information to create suspense or hide text and graphics by dragging the shade left or right, up or down.
  6. Spotlight Tool
    • Focus the attention of your audience to a specific part of the screen. Change the shape of your spotlight, set the transparency level of the shaded area or exit the spotlight view.
  7. Smart Ink

FingerHands On Activities

Cue Card Set (content):  You will be asked to assemble a set of index cards representing each tool .  Each card will have a hole punched into it.  You can either use a rubber band or string lanyard.   Each card will have information covering a single tool printed on it.   Write your name on the back of your card set.

You will break up into pairs and move with your partner to an assigned room to practice for 10 minutes on the SMART Board in that room, then regroup in the main room. As you are exploring the SMART Board write additional notes/ prompts and cues on the back of your cards.  When we regroup each person will share something they have learned and something that will require them to practice.


 Number 2In Person Meeting or Video Recording #2: Show and Share Activity

After having time using the SMART Board please come up with an activity that incorporates the SMART Board into you a brief instructional activity.

  1. Show and Share, participants walk us through their activity (4 minutes each)
    • Introduction/ Goal of activity
    • Walk us through the activity (as much as possible)
  2. Demonstrate student interaction and engagement with the SMART Board
    • Walk us through your student interaction and engagement activity

We_Can_Do_It!Recommended Follow Through

  1. Capture a video of your SMART Board activity (If you need assistance in setting up to video your activity please us know).
  2. In your video explain:
  3. Your name and subject area.
  4. How this activity address student engagement.
  5. Benefits to instructor in using the SMART Board in your activity.
  6. Benefits to students in using the SMART Board in your activity.


  • SMART Tech Quick Reference Guides
      • Collecting and Sharing Content – PDF
      • Toolbars and Tabs in SMART Notebook Software – PDF
      • Hardware basics for SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards – PDF


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