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Stop Lecturing and Flip Your Classroom

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Create a flipped lesson and activity (or a unit of flipped lessons and activities) to implement in your classroom.


  1. Identify what a flipped classroom and flipped learning are.
  2. Evaluate the need for a flipped classroom and flipped learning.
  3. Use tools to support flipped learning.
  4. Evaluate and reflect upon flipped lessons and activities.
  5. Create a flipped lesson and activity for your class.

You can earn the “Flipped Classroom Creator” badge of achievement if you successfully complete the workshop’s objectives and you can earn a letter of completion after you implement your flipped lesson and activity in your class.


Time is valuable. Spend it engaging with your students and having them engage in their learning with each other. The flipped classroom approach maximizes your valuable class time by having students learn the lesson/content at home (usually in the form of videos, podcasts, or other resources) where they can reflect and internalize the information prior to meeting in class. Therefore, class time can be better utilized for active learning through collaborative student activities and projects where instructors facilitate students’ learning.

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