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Syllabus Artifacts

Below are syllabi instructors have shared. (Note: Use at your own discretion.)

Note: Google Slides files are best when viewed using Google Chrome for some of the fonts used.

Free Syllabus Template

Looking for a quick start? We have a free syllabus template created in Google Slides that you can use. With Google Slides, it’s easy to move textboxes, shapes, and images around (versus a word processor like Word).

  1. Please use Google Chrome Internet browser to work in Google Slides because there are a lot of cool free fonts you can use.
  2. Log into your Google@UH account (Gmail or Drive).
  3. Then click here to make a copy of the Google Slides file.
  4. Rename your file as desired. Now with your own file, you can use the tools in Google Slides to edit to create your syllabus.
  5. When you’re finished simply go to File > Download as > PDF Document (.pdf) to save it as a PDF.

Badge of Achievement

Attended the Syllabus Makeover Challenge workshop, made-over your syllabus, implemented, and ready to share and apply for the “Visual Syllabus Creator” badge?

Apply for Badge

Alternatively, if you just want to share your standard and visual syllabi and a short reflection, please email us at edtech@hawaii.edu.

Need help? Contact us using our Technology-One-On-One (TO^3) service.

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